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Guided Tours

Stream your voice directly to your guests’ ears, while also enabling two-way communication and eliminating background noise.

House of Worship

Deliver your message free of background audio and other noise distractions.

Government Buildings

Transmit necessary audio in city council chambers and more, ensuring no one misses vital information.

Performing Arts

Deliver sound straight to your audience, ensuring no one misses out on the action.

Court Rooms

Stream audio to people who need it, while also ensuring security and privacy for sensitive information.

Movie Theaters

Create memorable movie experiences and repeat customers when you deliver clear audio to your audience.

Listening Solutions Designed by Professional Audio Engineers


 Hearing loss is the 3rd most common physical condition across all age groups

We Offer Listening Choices

When venues provide assistive listening systems, they’re creating intentional experiences for everyone through crystal-clear audio. These systems filter out background noise to deliver memorable tours, services, meetings, theater experiences, and more. 

Your ideal system depends on your venue, environment, services, and goals. No matter what you need, we have the right system for you. 

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At Listen Technologies we've helped thousands of companies, both large and small, incorporate Assitive Listening Devices into their guests experience. Let's talk about how we can do the same for you.


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We Make Products That Improve Lives


Braille, ramps, accessible parking spaces, and other accommodations are provided for people with sight impairment and other physical disabilities. Why? 

Because we recognize they would have difficulty navigating life without some assistance.

The same is true for people with hearing impairment. Assistive listening systems are more than hearing aids. They deliver audio straight from the source while filtering ambient noise—ensuring everyone can hear clearly.

Assistive Listening Matters

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Back Stage with Hale Center Theater!

Behind-the-scenes tours are a great way to get donors and the community excited about a venue. Tour guides at Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy, Utah, use ListenTALK to engage guests and increase donations.

“People are much more engaged because they actually hear details and everyone hears everyone’s questions.” 

Quinn Dietlein - Development Director, HCT.

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We know it’s hard to commit your money and time to a system you’ve never used. So let us give you a demo system free for 30 days! The kit includes the hardware you need to get a sense of how our technology will improve your guest experience. 

You’ll see how you can communicate back and forth with guests, without background distractions. Let’s schedule a time now to talk so we can get the right demo kit in your hands.


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Is assistive listening the same as hearing aids?

No, assistive listening systems are installed by the venue for guests to use when they are in their facility. Oftentimes, hearing aids don’t provide the same audio clarity because they amplify all sound including background noise.

Venue specifications have a few variables but center around seating and capacity. The more capacity you have, the more audio sources you have - all play a role in determining what you need. 

What determines my venues ADA requirements?



Why should I comply with the ADA?

ADA compliance ensures that your customers can share in an inclusive experience at your venue, making them customers for life. You may even benefit from the tax benefits available to those who meet ADA standards. It is important to understand that there are penalties for non-compliant venues ranging from $55,000 to $150,000 in some cases.

What about personal devices?


Listen Technologies offers a limited range of products for personal use. Because our equipment is designed to exceed professional audio standards you may find cheaper options for personal use from other manufactures. 

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- According to the Americans with Disabilities act of 1993

How Assistive Listening Systems Transmit Sound

An assistive listening system is different from a hearing aid or audio amplifier. It uses advanced technology to amplify the sounds you want to hear while reducing or eliminating background noise. The result is clear, focused audio delivered directly to the listener’s ears. 

Assistive listening systems help people interact, engage, and communicate in places where excessive noise might otherwise limit their ability to hear—even if they are using hearing aids or have cochlear implants. 


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Who Benefits?

Hearing aids, implants and amplifiers only make the sound louder for people who can’t hear. They don’t cut out background noise or deliver clear audio to the ear.

That’s where assistive listening systems come in. They amplify the right sound and deliver focused, direct audio to the ear while also reducing or eliminating background noise. 

When ANY of  your guests can hear clearly, they can engage, interact and communicate with ease.

Businesses that made accessibility improvements experienced a 12% increase in business. 

 - Government studies on ADA compliance

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Personal Use

Everyone deserves to hear, especially at home. Our innovative products work where you live, work and play.

Convention Center Events

Ensure no one misses out on important conference or event information, with sound that streams around the venue.

Conference Rooms

Ensure everyone can hear and communicate while also keeping your information private and secure.

A Complete Suite of Listening Solutions


"Assistive Listening is mandatory in public places where amplified audio is broadcast."

- According to the Americans with Disabilities act of 1993

assistive listening devices: (noun)

Assistive Listening Systems (ALSs), aka Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs), deliver audio directly to the ear while separating it from background noise---improving what's commonly called the speech-to-noise ratio.

Understanding Assistive Listening Systems

"Learn how to use technology to create inclusive, complaint listening experiences"

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Deliver Crystal-clear Audio to All


A streaming audio system connects users’ smartphones or tablets to a venue’s audio source via Wi-Fi. Users can listen with headphones or earbuds, or people with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can stream directly to their ears from their own Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Turns any tablet or smartphone into an assistive listening device using our free app

Patrons use their own devices

Ideal for bars, restaurants, churches, gyms, and more

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Size doesn't matter - works in small and large spaces

This system transmits sound via radio frequency to a receiver and headphones. It can also deliver sound directly to a receiver connected to a cochlear implant or t-coil hearing aid.

Radio Frequency (RF)

Users do not need hearing aids

Ideal for classrooms, public meeting spaces, conference rooms, nursing homes and more

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Delivers private audio signals that can't pass through walls

This system saturates a room with infrared light via IR radiators. These light waves transmit sound to IR receivers and headphones within a closed space. This makes it ideal to segment audio on a room by room basis.

Infrared (IR)

Users do not need hearing aids

Perfect for courtrooms, boardrooms, classrooms and more

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Flexible configurations allow 1-way and 2-way communication

Our innovative group communication system goes where you and your guests go, delivering crystal-clear audio to everyone no matter the background noise. It’s also more reliable than other solutions, like Bluetooth, and has excellent range.

ListenTALK (portable RF)

Direct audio means no shouting in loud environments

Ideal for all mobile group communication needs, including tours on campuses, museums, factories and more

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Discreet out of sight installation

Loops use an electromagnetic field to transmit audio to people with telecoil tech in their cochlear implants or hearing aids. These systems require the installation of a wire or flat copper tape loop in the floor.

Hearing Loop

Convenient for users

Perfect for public buildings, performing arts centers and more

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We would be happy to send you our complete product catalog along with pricing but due to the venue specific nature of each system it would likely be overwhelming. Let's start by getting you connected with a specialist who can customize your system and provide you a quote.

 1 in 5 people have diagnosed hearing loss, the actual number is likely much higher

Let's start by getting you connected with a specialist who can customize your system and provide you a quote.

Radio Frequency (RF)

This system transmits sound via radio frequency to a receiver and headphones. It also can deliver sound directly to a receiver connected to a cochlear implant or t-coil hearing aid.

Audio via Wi-Fi

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and ADA Law