Improve Guest Experiences Across Any Tour Types

Hop On Hop Off Tours

Deliver GPS-triggered audio tours in multiple languages simultaneously so everyone can enjoy the same amazing experience. Access new markets and increase sales because your business deserves more customers. 

Ferry Tours

Take customer satisfaction to a new level by enhancing your passenger experience. Deliver reliable, safe, and inclusive automated voice announcements and engaging onboard entertainment for any-sized operation. 

Boat Tours

Engage your customers by providing entertaining tours that topple language barriers and fill empty seats. GPS-triggered audio in any language, right to your visitors’ own smartphones, no internet required. 

Train Tours

Lift passengers out of the ordinary and take them on an extraordinary journey with the power of storytelling. Deliver the same great passenger experience every time your tour departs. 

Trolley Tours

Bring your tours to life by delivering audio tours designed to entertain your passengers as they learn about your city. Tell a Story. Create an Experience. Grow Your Business. 

Bus Tours

Become the most sought-after tour experience in your destination. Navilution is the only solution that helps tour operators design their own unique value-added multi-language tours for any-sized operation. 

How can we help?

Our Listen Navilution System, Cortex Software, and tour development products have helped thousands of operators, both large and small, expand their business and attract more visitors.  

Let's talk about how we can do the same for you. 

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Transform the Passenger Experience Through Stories

Listen Navilution Systems

Listen Navilution is installed in vehicles or vessels, delivering multilingual, multi-topical audio stories to passengers. 

Cortex Software

Cortex is a cloud-based proprietary software that's easy to use for route planning and trigger zones with instant access, anytime, anywhere.

Delivering Creative, Multilingual, Accessible Tours

Proprietary Software Powering the Navilution System

- Navilution Cortex -

Listen Navilution Cortex®, the heartbeat of the system is a fast, secure, and reliable cloud computing solution that enables: 

- Route planning based on Google maps 

- Programming of GPS trigger points 

- Managing your audio stories 

Note: Cortex is included with all Listen Navilution systems. 

Created in partnership with a leading human experience agency, Navilution® Cortex was designed for the non-programmer, offering the easiest way to organize and manage your audio, video, and music. 

The secure Cortex cloud-based service is managed with anytime access via the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Create, move, and change location-based delivery of content in seconds to make better decisions and streamline operations. 

Navilution® Cortex increases ridership with multiple tours, routes, audio, and video to grow your business faster. Gain speed, uptime, and security, and instantly start building a memorable passenger experience. And to top it off, it’s fast, thanks to automatic updates and upgrades. 

Cortex lets tour operators focus on what matters, growing your business.  

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GPS Triggered Commentary System simultaneously delivering audio stories in different languages and topics


Listen Navilution enables tour operators and transportation companies to provide multilingual or multi-topical audio stories to passengers. 

Listen Navilution attracts more customers by delivering experiences that engage, entertain, and educate.  

How Navilution Works: When passengers come onboard a vehicle or vessel, they hear the audio stories:

     - Through the sound system

     - Through a headset plugged into a seatback controller

     - Or on their Android or iPhone

As the vehicle or vessel goes through the GPS trigger zones, the audio stories play automatically.

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Tell a Story, Create an Experience, Grow Your Business

- Tour Development -

With Listen Navilution tour development is simple and flexible.

We are storytelling experts and every day 40 million people in 40 countries listen to our tours in 30 different languages.

The power of storytelling is what differentiates your tours and content from everyone else. We can help you deliver exceptional content that inspires, excites, and energizes visitors for an extraordinary journey.  

Create higher satisfaction ratings and 5-star reviews through storytelling.

- Route planning  is the first step in tour development using Listen Navilution Cortex®  

- Scriptwriting brings creativity and storytelling to life 

- The production of the script can be anything from simple stop instructions to fully cinematic stories

Let's get started today! 

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Tour Development

Deliver engaging, entertaining, and educational audio stories to delight passengers. We make it easy with the option to work directly with Listen Technologies or our tour development partners.