ListenTALK Systems Are Designed For Any Environment

Manufacturing or Plant Tours

Don't let noisy equipment distract your guests from understanding your message.

Safety or Job Site Work

Make sure your message is not just heard but understood regardless of what's going on around you.

Leisure Tours

Don't fight your surroundings, instead use ListenTALK to enhance your guests experience.

Performing Art Stage Crews

Lead your crew from behind the scenes and stay whisper quite as you orchestrate from behind the curtain.

STEM or Class Field Trips

Your voice should be the only one your kids can focus on while you're trying to tech.

Any Guided Tour

In any environment where group communication is happening ListenTALK is your ideal communication solution.

How can we help?

Our ListenTALK systems have helped thousands of companies, both large and small, improve their group communication needs. 

Let's talk about how we can do the same for you. 

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'Social Distancing' is Here to Stay -
it's time to adopt a portable group communication solution

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Equipment Designed by Professional Audio Engineers Has It's Benefits

1 or 2-way Communication

Talk back and forth freely or limit your groups communication to 1-way. 


Crystal Clear Audio Anywhere

ListenTALK uses dedicated channels eliminating static and interference from your audio.


Simple Interface for Anyone

So easy to use that anyone can pick them up, set up the group, pair devices and go.


Portable w/ Impressive Range

Go anywhere as long as participants are within 200 meters of the lead unit.


Group Management Options

Groups as small as 2 or as large as 100, the possibilities for group management are endless.


More Than a Docking Station

Securely store and manage your devices in a docking station that also charges the batteries.


ListenTALK is a Flexible, Customizable Group Communication System


See it in action

A guided tour system consisting of headsets, transceivers and docking stations. You choose the headset that works best for your environment and the transmitter/receiver configuration that suits your needs. 

Together with the docking station units can be paired together in groups from just 2 to as many as 100, with a range of over 200 meters from the lead unit, so once the units are charged you can take the system just about anywhere.

Guided Tour Systems Designed by Professional Audio Engineers

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Product Reviews

Adam Kinne Verified Buyer

General Manager & Executive Vice President - Cabinetry by Karman

The modern technology from ListenTALK has vastly improved the plant tour experience at Cabinetry by Karman.


Adam Wilson Verified Buyer

IT Engineer - The Blue Buffalo Company

With ListenTALK, visitors are able to fully immerse themselves in plant tours and hear speakers clearly. The wrap-around headset with boom mic helps block out peripheral visual and audio distractions so listeners remain in the moment and focused on the speaker.


Quinn Dietlein Verified Buyer

Development Director - Hale Center Theater

People are much more engaged because they actually hear details including everyone’s questions. The group is much safer — often there is a construction zone, and I can point out trip hazards much better.


Give ListenTALK a try free for 30 days - you have nothing to lose!

We know it’s hard to commit your money and time to a system you’ve never used. So let us give you a demo system free for 30 days! The kit includes the hardware you need to get a sense of how our technology will improve your communication. 

You’ll see how you can communicate back and forth with guests, without background distractions. Let’s schedule a time now to talk so we can get the right demo kit in your hands.


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Headsets Are Just The Beginning


You Get Versatility

Mix and match different headsets with your system at any time to better meet the needs of your organization, with NR options available. 

You Get Reliability

Designed and built by professional audio engineers for superior quality and durability with a warranty to back it up. 

You Get Options

Choose from 5 different headsets each designed for specific environments from quite museums to loud manufacturing floors. 

"Social distancing doesn't have to interupt your efficiency. Whether you're walking around outside, inside or near large operating machinery, our guided tour solution will make sure your participants hear your message"


Adopt New Best Practices Now to Improve Facility Operations

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